Chris Christensen HyproPac Conditioner

Spectrum 10 Hypro Pac Intensive Treatment provides the ultimate in conditioning for dry, brittle, damaged coats. Hypro Pac's deep conditioning formula strengthens as it protects against heat damage and breakage; restoring critical moisture and manageability, creating a sleek finish. Use treatment regularly for a vibrant, livelier, richer shine, and to prevent against future damage. Our imaginative and experimental nature led us to discover that this product is also a most excellent detangler aid. We use it by dabbing it directly on mats wet in the tub, or dry on the table, followed by brushing with the Mars Flexy King brush. I've been able to undo dreadful "dreadlock" mats in Bichon tails with this approach. HyproPac as a detangler does not leave the hair greasy or oily. The coat drinks it up and has beautiful luster.
Chris Christensen HyproPac Conditioner
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