Chris Christensen 16mm T Brush

It's how they are made that make the difference! Chris Christensen pin brushes are made of finest materials with extra attention to manufacture and finishing. The pins are rounded and polished, making CC brushes friendly to hair. Better brush=less hair damage=less matting. Do you find your dog's coat seems to tangle and mat worse with more grooming? Try changing your brush. The Chris Christensen 16mm T Brush is a firm pin brush on a "T" frame like the common slicker brush would have. This makes it ideal to get through thick coats. It works like a brush and comb simultaneously. Gets out tangles like a dream and does not damage the coat. In my grooming shop, this is our go-to brush for Labradoodle and Goldendoodle coats. It is great on undercoated breeds, such as Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. My choice, also, for Bearded Collie coats. Dimensions: 5" head, 7 1/4 body & handle length. For smaller dogs, such as Bichon, or smaller hands, the Mini 16mm T Brush is our choice. (4" head, 6 1/2" body + handle length). The Chris Christensen T Brush is a great addition to any toolbox!
Chris Christensen 16mm T Brush
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