Chris Christensen 16mm MINI T-Brush

The MINI T Brush is a slightly smaller version of one of our favorite brushes, the original Chris Christensen 16mm T Brush. The short stiff pins of this brush act as a comb and a brush together, removing loose coat and working apart tangles. Most importantly, this brush is less likely to cause hair damage, which leads to tangling and matting. The Chris Christensen Mini T is a good choice for thick Bichon coats. The Chris Christensen T Brushes have been designed to work deeply through the coat with less wrist fatigue for the user. It is an ergonomic choice for the groomer as well as a hair-friendly choice for the coat. The MINI version is my usual choice, regardless of the size of the dog, because it is lighter weight and easier on my old groomer hands. Mini T brush dimensions: 4" head, 6 1/2" body & Handle length.
Chris Christensen 16mm MINI T-Brush
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